Posted by: admin | March 9, 2012

HD Hero2 MotorSports Edition

GoPro has just revealed the HD Hero2 MotorSports Edition, which is the most enhanced GoPro video camera. There have been various expansions since the original model. This camera isn’t any bigger than the past digital camera and it is able to do much more now, and you can even use all of the old mounting brackets and cases.

This camera is very hardy and takes HD videos and very premium quality photos, which has caused a lot of recognition from around the world. This very affordable professional camera is something anyone can buy and it even films professional quality videos.

gopro HD hero2How Can You Use This GoPro?

You may use the mounting brackets in order to mount the GoPro HD Hero2 MotorSports to just about anything. You are able to use this camera to film 1st person angle, when filming intense sports and functions. GoPro initial built this camera to stick to to surf boards, currently it can be used for various sports such as; motorcycles, skiing, bike helemts, autos, and several other sports with mounting locations.

Its ultra wide viewing angle of 170 degrees ensures that you won’t have any areas by mistake cut out of your photos. The camera will record just about anything in front of its “fish eye” lens. Other digital cameras simply do not possess this attribute.

Improved Advancements

You won’t want anything better due to the fact it is able to record videos at 60fps as well as 1080p video quality. You could take photos which are 11mp and also set the camera to take pictures a every so many seconds, from 0.5 to 60. It includes 2x sharper glass lens, and 2x the image processor speed.

In lower lighting, this digital camera incorporates a better quality photo. You may connect the LCD BAcPac to see everything you are filming and to see the playback instantaneously or use the WiFi BacPac which is offered, so you can see what you are filming Live on the pc. The Wifi BacPak can remotely control as many as 50 cameras.

Overall A Great Camera

GoPro HD Hero2 MotorSportsThis cameras design was most certainly well planned out. For a light-weight, little camera their was a lot of valuable functions and features to make the photos this impressive.

I own my own, personal GoPro and would suggest them to just about anyone.
I have both the latest GoPro and the first HD GoPro. The feedback are remarkable about the the two models. This superior quality camera recieves minimal poor feedback. So if you are looking for a great camera, the GoPro HD Hero2 Motorsports Edition, would be a great choice.